The guarantee of quality is a foundation on which Paintbox is built. We have a reputation for the high quality of our services and we work hard to maintain it.

We invest in the best personnel, state-of-the-art systems and technology and comprehensive in-house testing facilities to ensure that we always meet the exacting standards of our customers.

Laboratory Scope

Paintbox offers advanced in-house laboratory facilities. Automotive testing is usually carried out internally and our technology includes environmental cycling test equipment with real-time quality monitoring capability.

Laboratory Investigation Expertise

Our laboratory investigation expertise gives us the power to develop innovative application control solutions.

We have advanced diagnostic capabilities, with microscopes and a Fourier transform infrared spectrometer at our disposal. Areas of problem-solving include polymer mould defects, environmental stress cracking and solvent attack.

Q gate methodology

Paintbox employs the Q gate process to ensure consistent quality across customer products. This process is used in cases where Process Failure Mode Effects analysis has identified as high risk.

The Q gate process is based on multiple standardised method inspections and using up to five Q gates from raw moulding to the finished article, the process delivers an extremely effective PPM.


The Paintbox Enabling Team Approach (PETA) is a powerful continuous improvement tool that enables an employee to drive a continuous improvement project that delivers benefits to a single operation or to the business as a whole.

An employee can form a team around a continuous improvement project and manage its development and application to the stage where it is implemented at the company.