Project Management

Paintbox offers an expert project management service. Our highly experienced team oversees the entire project management process, from nomination by an OEM to availability of the parts and modules for launch.

We have developed our own Project Management Process (PPMP) for new product introduction. The process is based on the principles of APQP/PPAP and Prince 2 methodologies, and is designed to complement our own business management system (TS16949) and to be overlaid into customers’ project management systems.

The Paintbox PPMP includes:

  • Component development
  • Cube validation
  • Colour development
  • Testing and validation
  • Prototype/production tools
  • Supplier integration

Paintbox Programme Management Process (PPMP)

Business Case Planning


Technical Feasibility Assessment

Business Feasibility Commitment

Scope Programme Definition

Scope Definition

Technical Feasibility Commitment

Programme Baseline:

  • Design Goals
  • Reliability & Quality Goals
  • Preliminary Bill Of Materials
  • Preliminary Process Flow
  • Preliminary Products & Process
  • Product Assurance Plan

Design Selection

Programme Baseline:

  • DFMA
  • Design Verification
  • Design Reviews
  • Prototype Build
  • Engineering Drawings
  • Engineering Specifications
  • Material Specifications
  • Engineering Change Management
  • Equipment, Tooling & Facility req.
  • Special Product Characteristic
  • Prototype Control Plan
  • Gauge, Test Equipment req.

Tool Design & Manufacture

Programme Baseline:

  • Packaging Standards
  • Product/Process Quality System
  • Process Flow Chart
  • Floor Plan Layout
  • Characteristics Matrix
  • Process FMEA
  • Pre-Launch Control Plan
  • Process Instructions
  • Measurement System Analysis
  • Process Capability Study Plan
  • Packaging Specifications

Production Readiness

Programme Baseline:

  • Production Trial Run
  • Measurement Systems Evaluation
  • Preliminary Process Cap Study
  • Production Part Approval
  • Production Validation Testing
  • Packaging Evaluation
  • Production Control Plan
  • Quality Planning Sign-Off

Product Launch

APQP & PPAP Planning

Design & Development

Product & Process Maturation

Customer Quality Assurance

Product Approval

Market Entry +90 Days

Phase 0 Gateway

Phase 1 Gateway

Phase 2 Gateway

Phase 3 Gateway

Phase 4 Gateway

Phase 5 Gateway